Adoptees: Chosen By Love

This weekend I ran with Tom Jaski.  Tom works for Ratio Christi (the reason for Christ), a Christian apologetics ministry that began five years ago and currently has chapters at about 500 colleges and high schools throughout the United States.  Tom works with student groups at Cape Fear Community College, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Hoggard High School, and New Hanover High School.  I have attended several of the meetings with UNCW students and will be leading a couple of them this summer to discuss a Christian view of history and the faith of the founders.

Tom and his wife Christy have four daughters—two of whom are biological and two of whom have been adopted from China.  Tom wrote Chosen by Love, a beautifully illustrated children’s book that compares God’s adoption of us into His family with parents’ adoption of children.  The description at states: “Adoption is both a gift and a blessing, but it can also come with difficulties. In Chosen by Love young Chloe experiences ridicule from other kids because she is adopted. Seizing the opportunity, Chloe's mom shares a secret with her that helps Chloe see just how special adoption is and how it points to an even bigger blessing.” 

One reader writes: “I have read Chosen by Love and appreciate how Tom compares physical adoption with God's adoption of us as His children. As a grandmother of four biological and three adopted granddaughters, I have had the opportunity to experience both kinds of adoption; both being such a blessing in my life. The book makes it easy to see the comparisons and could be a tool in helping people understand God's love for us.”

Their adoption journey also led Christy, to help found A Sea of Hope, a ministry that promotes adoption and assists families through the process. While, as we said in Suffer the Children, adoption is only one among a number of ways to care for orphans, this family has certainly been the hands and feet of Jesus in the adoption process.


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